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Building Construction

Ensures that projects are built according to approved plans, specifications, shop drawings, and applicable building codes and that quality standards are maintained

Building Repairs

Your workplace is a structure that is built to last. Performing regular maintenance can help you keep things running smoothly so you do not lose time and money down the line when the building starts to get older.


Need help with concrete disposal, debris removal or recycling construction material? Learn about our sustainable construction and demolition waste services.


Whether it’s a new home or business, a small addition or a large building, KENNEN will expertly coordinate the equipment and manpower necessary to see your foundations project through to completion. 

Painting & Exterior

For the cost of a few cases of exterior paint, plus some patching and sanding, you can have a whole new home.  Talk to us about your affordable makeovers.

Site Management

All required city inspections will be scheduled and all services located. Quality of work and commitment to your projects from start to finish are our top priorities.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

When a building becomes an architecture, then it is ART.

Client Testimonials

“This is a dream-team I could ever hoped for!  Kennen puts together a reliable and efficient team to accomplish my new home project…”

Jack W.A.

“They made it!  From zero to finished…within my tight budget and time frame, I’m confident to refer Kennen to my friends…”

Marian K.

“They sincerely helped me when i was stuck in the paper works and permit, Kennen is the most reliable partner I had in construction!”

Jason M.

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